Frequently asked questions

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  1. What is the school bond?
    Tillamook School District has been awarded $1.93 million (and perhaps as much as $4 million) in state matched money for school facility improvements and maintenance needs. If the school district raises matching funds, our community gets the money from the state. If we fail to match the funds, the community gets no outside money to help with maintenance projects.
  2. What is the $1.93 million “match” from the State?
    During the current biennium, the legislature allocated funds that through a lottery process, would be awarded to districts if they could pass a bond to improve facilities. Tillamook was the last of only three districts funded through this final phase of the program. Although Tillamook qualified for $4 million in matching grants, there was only $1.93 million left to allocate in the program funds. If Tillamook passes a local bond, they are assured to receive at least $1.93 million. If either of the two districts awarded ahead of Tillamook (Vernonia/Portland Public) are unable to pass their local bond levies, Tillamook would receive the full $4 million in matching funds.
  3. What will this cost me?
    The new bond will add $.08 per $1,000 of home value and extend our bond obligation for an additional 3 years. The current bond is set to expire in 2022. The new bond will extend the expiration date to 2025. The average homeowner will pay less than $20 a year in additional property taxes from what they are currently paying.
  4. Isn't there already a bond?
    Yes, in 2002, local voters approved a $12 million bond which replaced most school roofs, including building a gabled roof on the high school, upgraded heating units, upgraded the high school auditorium and much more. At the time of passage, voters approved a rate of $0.97/$1,000, but through refinancing that rate was later lowered to about $0.70/$1,000 on the current bond, which is set to expire in five years.Description
  5. How can the funds be used?
    The funds are restricted and can only be spent on facility needs, maintenance, and safety needs. The funds cannot be spent on salaries, retirement funds or anything unrelated to facility, maintenance, and safety projects.
  6. What is the plan for allocating the funds?
    A prioritized list of projects will be used to identify the order and scope of projects to complete. Follow this link to see the District’s full list of proposed projects.
  7. There’s so much political uncertainty right now. Why ask for this bond now?
    This is true. And this is exactly why our community should take advantage of the “free money” being granted to Tillamook School District by the State. We do not know if there will be another opportunity like this again.
  8. Can’t the district find another way to pay for things without this bond?
    Perhaps, but the costs would be much greater. When the roof at East Elementary finally fails, the district may be forced to take out loans for the roof repair. This means interest payments, and funding might be taken away from critical classroom needs (e.g., teachers and programs).
  9. $4 million is a lot of money.
    Yes, it is! It’s a lot of money to turn down from the State. The State of Oregon is literally “giving” Tillamook Schools between $1.93-$4 million, but only if we match the funds. We cannot afford to turn that down.
  10. What is the ROI (return on investment) on these facility investments?
    Regular maintenance can be thought of as a “cost avoidance” measure. Investments today will prevent bigger problems in the future.
  1. Why does the school district need a bond??
    The Tillamook School District has a growing list of about $10 million in facility improvements and maintenance needs.
  2. Why does the school district need a bond??
    The Tillamook School District has a growing list of about $10 million in facility improvements and maintenance needs.
  3. Who will pay for the bond?
    All property owners in the Tillamook School District will pay based on property values. This includes second home owners in our area.
  4. When do we vote?
    May 16, 2017
  5. Why now? Can’t we do this later?
    No. This is a one-time offer from the State. If our community does not pass the bond, we lose the matching funds.
  6. How can the community be assured that the funds will be used wisely and prudently?
    Tillamook School District is overseen by a School Board comprised of five publicly elected community members who approve budgets and funding plans. The Superintendent reports directly to the School Board. In addition, the District has a citizen Budget Committee responsible for the review and approval of the annual budget. To learn more about budget oversight or how to get involved, follow this link:
  7. Aren’t there higher needs in our community right now?
    Passing this bond will bring outside money directly into our community. The State’s matching grant funds will be between $1.93-$4 million. This will help everyone. Schools are an investment that pay out long term dividends. Communities benefit from strong and healthy public schools
  8. Why are covered play areas so important?
    Research shows that kids need exercise, playtime, and especially time outdoors. Fresh air and exercise reduce behavior problems in the classroom, enhance learning, and improve the overall health of our kids. With our very wet winters and limited gym space, kids spend long days inside the classroom. During the rainy season, our teachers are creative and they play games like “quiet ball” with students sitting at desks, but really this is not the same as running wildly on the playground. And kids do go outside in the rain, but in Tillamook, we get “sideways rain.” Most of us wouldn’t take our dog outside in that kind of weather.
  9. Doesn’t the school district already get enough revenue from the new construction excise tax?
    On average, the new construction excise tax provides $56,379 annually to the Tillamook School District. While this is not a trivial amount of money, it is not enough to maintain health and safety codes across the district. The proposed school bond and matching State grant will give the district $5.93 million dollars over the next 8 years for much needed maintenance, facility, and safety projects.
  10. How can I support our Tillamook schools?
    o Vote YES on the bond issue May 16! o Like GR8 Tillamook Schools on FB o Make the “GR8 Tillamook Schools” logo your profile picture on social media o Write a letter to the editor in support of the bond o Request a flyer for your business or home o Contact the Committee for GR8 Tillamook Schools to volunteer o Talk to your friends and family and encourage them to vote yes!